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Power Outages

Power outages especially during extreme heat and in the summer can occur. If your entire unit is off it is likely the power company. Please visit Ameren UE Outage Center Website here.

Maintenance Request

For non-emergencies, please use the form below.
After the form below is submitted, your request will be dispatched to our maintenance staff. Our maintenance staff responds to maintenance requests Monday-Thursday on a first come, first serve basis. These particular items are considered non-emergency maintenance issues:

Low Water Pressure

Washer/Dryer not working

Locked Out (call a locksmith)

The Stove or Microwave isn't working

Interior Doors sticking

Garbage Disposal won't work

Emergency Request

Emergency issues are classified as issues that require immediate attention and can be a possible safety hazard for you or cause significant damage to the property.

The following are examples of emergencies,

- Water leakage

- Gas Smell

- Heating and Cooling malfunctions in extreme weather (No heat in Cold Weather, 40 degrees or below. No cooling in hot weather, 80 degrees or above)

- Broken Window or Break in, after police report. Please provide documentation.

- Unsecured door that cannot be locked due to mechanical failure

- Plumbing Issues

- Electrical Issues

If you need to submit an emergency request, call the following:

Monday through Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM: 314.833-9773 After hours: 314-669-4449

Common Maintenance Issues

Garbage Disposal - Flip the switch under the sink on the bottom side of the disposal unit. Sometimes the disposal stops because it needs to be reset. Do not attempt to put hand in sink drain.

Power Outage - If there are too many items plugged into an outlet, it may overload a breaker. Try flipping your breaker. To properly flip a breaker, you must flip it all the way to the "OFF" position and back on.

Refrigerator - Please keep in mind that many of the refrigerators at our properties have different temperature settings that the user can adjust. These temperature controls are located on the inside of the refrigerator. Make sure that the temperature settings stay on a desired level.

GFCI Outlets - In the event that you have any electrical items hooked up to a GFCI outlet (an outlet with a test and reset button) an electrical imbalance may trip the circuit. If this occurs, simply press the "Reset" button to re-establish your electric service).

Air-conditioner not cooling enough - Please remember that an air conditioner is only able to cool your living area to a certain degree, usually about 15-20 degrees from the outside temperature. Please check your air filter if you are experiencing issues with your AC or lack of air flow, check your air fliter to make sure it's not clogged up. It's recommended that you replace your air filter every three to four months.

Power Outages

In the occurrence that there is a power outage due to weather related issues or a downed power line please contact Ameren UE for support. For more information on outages in your area, outage maps or to report an outage visit the Ameren UE Outage Center website here.

Water Outages

If your building does not have water service likely there is water main break. Please visit to see if there is a water main break in your area.

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